MoDe Studio champions generalists. We are a diverse, multidisciplinary team of critical thinkers. Our unique approach leverages the best professionals in a collaborative environment that enables disruptive ideas, forward-thinking concepts and innovative results.

  • Eduardo Berlin

    Eduardo Berlin

    Eduardo Berlin founded MoDe Studio in 2011 consolidating his design and consulting practice into a real estate development "workshop" that challenges the conventional model –where designers execute the developers' vision– by integrating thinking from several disciplines to provide a comprehensive and sustainable development platform. As an architect and entrepreneur, he is interested in social enterprises and information models as catalysts of positive change, market evolution, and community-driven sustainability. He was the 2010 Gramlich Fellow for Emerging Leaders in Community Development, granted by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) and NeighborWorks America.


  • David G Nix

    David G Nix

    David G Nix is a renowned technologist and entrepreneur with a diverse background in energy, real estate, and design. Trained as an architect, Nix has a strong focus on sustainability and innovation in the built environment. His expertise spans financial and risk modeling, computation, applied science, and the enhancement of living and working spaces through innovative building technology and sustainable practices. With international experience and a commitment to sustainable practices, Nix has contributed to significant built projects worldwide, in addition to his contributions to the energy and cleantech spaces as co-founder of Mapdwell and VP of Energy Intelligence at Palmetto.


  • Nicolás Lipthay

    Nicolás Lipthay
    Director, Chile


  • Luis Alberto Mantelli

    Luis Alberto Mantelli
    Technical Manager, Chile